U.S. theaters criticize “Black Widow”‘s simultaneous online streaming strategy


The mighty masterpiece “Black Widow” in North America dropped 67.3% the next week from the first week, which was larger than the 65.7% drop of “Fast and Furious 9”.

The National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) issued a statement criticizing Disney’s policy of simultaneously launching streaming media.

U.S. theaters criticize "Black Widow"'s simultaneous online streaming strategy

They believe that if “Black Widow” is exclusively released in theaters, not only will the box office be higher than 80 million, but it will not fall so hard in the second week.

“Facts have proved that the exclusive theater strategy will make every link in the industry chain make more money.”

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Judging from the data released by Disney, “Black Widow” has received more than 100 million U.S. dollars in streaming media (a single user pays 30 U.S. dollars once).

But NATO believes that 100% of these revenues will not go to Disney, and 15% will be taken away by smart TV boxes such as Apple TV or Roku.

U.S. theaters criticize "Black Widow"'s simultaneous online streaming strategy

Moreover, the income of the film on Disney+ is “moved” from the rental income of other platforms, not the extra income.

Because after the movie was exclusively launched, the revenue of third-party rental platforms such as iTunes and Fandago temporarily became zero.

NATO’s statement stated: “Disney’s Premier Access revenue is not an exclusive innovation. It is extracted from the more traditional PVOD window, coupled with the loss of theater revenue and the abandonment of traditional PVOD revenue. The answers to these questions will show that, Throughout the life cycle of a movie, simultaneous release will cause Disney to lose more viewers.”

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This is a common problem encountered by large studios “self-management” streaming media: movies are exclusively online on their own platforms, and copyright revenues from professional streaming media platforms such as Amazon Prime and Netflix are gone, and “self-produced and self-sold” will be lost. Revenue of the distribution platform.

The movie screening terminal market has been a split-account mechanism for a long time, which is equivalent to that big studios no longer build their own platforms to let agents help sell their products.

If in the future film companies no longer rely on agents and completely produce and sell themselves, the film industry chain will be another situation.

U.S. theaters criticize "Black Widow"'s simultaneous online streaming strategy

According to a survey by website TorrentFreak, “Black Widow” is the world’s most pirated and downloaded movie in the past two weeks.

Obviously, the current streaming media platform, even if it is an additional payment mechanism, is basically useless for anti-piracy.

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NATO believes that not only Disney’s “Black Widow”, all theater streaming media will face this problem.

For example, “Godzilla vs. Kong”, “Slam Dunk in the Sky: A New Legend” and other films.

NATO finally wrote in the statement: “The strategy of simultaneous launch of streaming media and theaters is a compromise measure produced during the epidemic. It should go into history with the epidemic itself.

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