After watching “Black Widow”, talk about the MCU of Marvel Universe

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As the 24th movie in the Marvel Universe, “Black Widow” has repeatedly delayed the release date for various reasons, but it did not affect the enthusiasm of fans.

Recently, various reports on “Black Widow” have been overwhelming after it was released.

The story background of “Black Widow” is set on the timeline after “Captain America 3”.

Everyone who has watched “Captain America 3” must know that the Black Widow left Avengers after talking with Iron Man.

The Winter Soldier chooses to be frozen, Captain America apologizes to Iron Man, and at the same time rescues his team from the prison alone.

After watching "Black Widow", talk about the MCU of Marvel Universe

“Avengers 3” confirmed that Ant-Man is restricted to stay at home. Wanda Vision went to Scotland for her honeymoon, so where did Natasha go?

Many friends have questions about this. There are not all kinds of guessing articles.

“Black Widow” brings us all the answers.

After watching "Black Widow", talk about the MCU of Marvel Universe

The movie begins to tell about all the dark experiences of Natasha and her sister Yelena when they were young.

Then the sisters reunited and looked for their family together. With the united efforts of the family, the huge conspiracy attempting to control the world was destroyed.

Although the story is old-fashioned, it allows the audience to more deeply complement the widow’s past, thus making Natasha’s persona richer and more three-dimensional.

After watching "Black Widow", talk about the MCU of Marvel Universe

According to previous reports from North American Film News, the focus of “Black Widow” is not to recall Natasha, Iron Man, and other older generations of reunion members, but to elicit new roles.

This has also been confirmed.

At the end of the story, sister Yelena and the other black widows leave together to rescue the other black widows who are under control.

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After watching "Black Widow", talk about the MCU of Marvel Universe

Obviously sister Yelena became the leader of the black widows.

Obviously, Marvel filmed this “Black Widow” not only to make up for the gap between “Captain America 3” and “Avengers 3”.

It’s more like adding more plastic characters to future Marvel movies, after all, the existing heroes have been finalized.

What do you think of Marvel fans?

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