“The Great Chinese Art Heist” selected screenwriter candidates


Warner has created a new film “The Great Chinese Art Heist” about the theft of looted cultural relics of Old Summer Palace in Europe.

Recently decided to write the screenwriter: Jimmy O. Yang, Jessica Gao, Ken Cheng.

"The Great Chinese Art Heist" selected screenwriter candidates

“The Great Chinese Art Heist” is directed by Jon M. Chu, focusing on the theft of Chinese cultural relics that occurred in several European museums such as Fontainebleau in the past few years.

The stolen items were mainly cultural relics looted by the French from the Old Summer Palace in 1860.

The film questioned China’s possible role in the theft (many of the Chinese cultural and artistic circles interviewed in the article questioned the claim after seeing the content of the article).

“The Great Chinese Art Heist” also discusses who can own topics such as art, history and culture.

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