The shooting of “Predator: Skull” ended successfully


The shooting of “Predator: Skull” ended successfully, Dan Trachtenberg showed off the shooting scene photos.

Recently, the latest “Predator” film “Predator: Skull” was successfully completed, and director Dan Trachtenberg released a set of photos.

The main body of the photo is a board hitter, and the shooting equipment and on-site props are clearly visible in the background.

The shooting of "Predator: Skull" ended successfully, Dan Trachtenberg showed off the shooting scene photos

At the same time, Dan Trachtenberg also thanked the crew.

The story of “Predator: Skull” will be placed on the origin of alien creatures, telling how they came to earth and became the enemy of mankind.

Fox Films currently keeps the plot of “Predator: Skull” confidential, so there is no way to know the specific plot of the film.

“Predator” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1987 gave birth to a successful sequel and the cross-border film “Alien vs. Predator”.

The original version of “Predator” is a film dominated by action dramas.

It describes Schwarzenegger as the leader of the military’s special forces, leading his team into the jungles of South America to search for the crashed helicopter.

Unexpectedly, a transparent outer space monster killed the team members one by one. In the end, Arnold was left alone with the monster in a desperate battle of wits and courage.

“Predator” can be regarded as a large-scale IP of Flowserve.

Although the 2010 restart of producer Robert Rodriguez and director Nimród Antal was not a success, Foss clearly did not want to put this series on the shelf.

At present, “Predator: Skull” has not yet confirmed the release time, some media predict that the film may be released in 2022.

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