“The Boys Season 3” Homelander actors share behind-the-scenes photos, Butcher, Solider Boy play chess together


Recently, Antony Starr, who plays “The Boys Season 3” “Homelander”, released several new behind-the-scenes photos of the show, in which Butcher and “Solider Boy” play passionately. In the chess, Homelander is still smiling brightly.


“The Boys Season 3” tells the story of a group of “The Boys” members who have formed themselves to stop the corrupt “superheroes” from abusing their superpowers. The Boys” is a story about a group of self-formed “The Boys” members who fight to the death against the evil superpowers of Vought International to stop the corrupt “superheroes” from abusing their superpowers and harming the world.


“The Boys” is a drama series directed by Philip Sgriccia , which starts on June 3, 2022 on the streaming platform Prime Video.

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