“Shang-Chi” streaming media online ahead of schedule


The streaming media of “Shang-Chi” was launched ahead of schedule, and South Korea confirmed the broadcast time, one month earlier than the official Marvel!

"Shang-Chi" streaming media online ahead of schedule

“Shang-Chi” is the first Asian superhero movie created by Marvel.

Although due to some well-known reasons, this Hollywood blockbuster missed the mainland of China.

However, judging from many film reviews released overseas, the content of “Shang-Chi” is full of Chinese elements.

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It can be seen that the investors originally created “Shang-Chi” mainly for the domestic market.

"Shang-Chi" streaming media online ahead of schedule

After all, China is already the second largest box office market after Europe and the United States.

Due to the impact of the epidemic overseas, the Chinese market has become the world’s largest ticket warehouse this year.

It’s just that what Marvel never expected was the domestic audience’s resistance to this movie.

Even if Kevin Fitch, who was the CEO at the time, repeatedly clarified that there was no insulting factor in the interview.

"Shang-Chi" streaming media online ahead of schedule

But “Shang-Chi” still has not been tried in mainland China.

Despite saying that “Shang-Chi” finally missed the mainland of China.

However, after being released in many other countries around the world, it can be said to have received rave reviews, and the overall popularity can be said to remain high.

In particular, the European and American markets of “Shang-Chi” set the highest box office record in the post-epidemic era.

"Shang-Chi" streaming media online ahead of schedule

Now, “Shang-Chi” has been released for more than a month, and the global box office has accumulated to 387 million US dollars.

This number has surpassed the previous “Black Widow” and “Shang-Chi” has become the highest-grossing movie in the new stage of Marvel MCU.

Overseas, this Marvel movie is undoubtedly a success, and it also allows major Hollywood companies to see signs of recovery in the global market.

Originally some other hot movies, “Venom 2”, “007: No Time to Die” and “Dune” were planned to be postponed again.

"Shang-Chi" streaming media online ahead of schedule

But seeing the performance of “Shang-Chi”, they are no longer paying attention conservatively, and they have stabilized the theater’s release time.

In particular, “Venom 2” is chosen to be upgraded, and it will be released in Europe and the United States on October 1st.

Moreover, at that time, the box office of “Venom 2” reached 90.1 million US dollars in the first weekend, breaking the previous record of “Shang-Chi”.

This also gives confidence in the release of other Hollywood blockbusters.

But for “Shang-Chi”, it has basically been released in various countries around the world.

However, today, South Korea announced that “Shang-Chi” will be launched on the local streaming platform on October 14.

This is one month ahead of Marvel’s official November 12th.

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