Ron Howard’s new film “Thirteen Lives‎” announces it’s rescheduled to August


On May 17, according to media reports, the new film “Thirteen Lives‎” directed by the famous director Ron Howard announced that it will be moved from November 18 to August, and will be screened simultaneously on streaming media platforms.

Ron Howard's new film "Thirteen Lives‎" announces it's rescheduled to August

“Thirteen Lives‎” is based on the 2018 “Thailand Soccer Team Disappearance”, in which a youth soccer team including 12 players and a coach went missing in a cave in northern Thailand.

After being rescued by the international rescue team and the Thai military, the 13 people escaped successfully, but two people involved in the rescue died.

Famous actors such as Viggo Mortensen and Tom Bateman have starred in the film, but as of press time “Thirteen Lives‎” has no specific material exposure.

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