Nicolas Cage looks forward to ‘FACE/OFF’ sequel and has high hopes for the role


Nicolas Cage, who has paid off all the debts and returned to the mainstream with “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent‎” and “Renfield‎”, said in an interview a few days ago that he is not interested in the sequel of “FACE/OFF”. Very much looking forward, if there is a sequel, he hopes to star again.

Nicolas Cage looks forward to 'FACE/OFF' sequel and has high hopes for the role

“I can talk about the sequel now,” Cage said. “I got a couple of calls from Neal H. Moritz, we talked a lot, and my work with him on ‘FACE/OFF’ was great. We talked about things like There are plans for the future, there’s “National Treasure” in there, but I really hope it’s “FACE/OFF”. Oh my God, I really hope it’s “FACE/OFF”.”

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Judging from Cage’s rhetoric, the sequel to “FACE/OFF” is currently only a project on paper.

1997’s “FACE/OFF”, an action classic, was not only John Woo’s critically acclaimed work, but his first A-list production in Hollywood.

The film has a strong sci-fi attribute, telling the story of an FBI agent and a serial killer who exchange faces after an accident, and then continue to play a cat-and-mouse game in this world.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone were originally cast for the lead roles, and John Woo later became director, who thought John Travolta and Nicolas Cage would be more suitable.

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