Netflix Horror Series ‘The Midnight Club‎’ Releases Official Trailer


The creator of The Haunting of Hill House and Midnight Mass is back at it again, just in time for spooky season. Called ‘The Midnight Club‎’ , Mike Flanagan’s newest Netflix show follows eight teenagers living in a hospice home who meet at midnight in a creepy library to tell scary stories.

Sounds pretty straightforward, but the trailer is a rollercoaster, packing half a dozen genres into three minutes.

It starts off like it could be an upbeat coming-of-age story about an overachieving teenage girl who learns to let loose — but it takes a sharp turn when she develops cancer and goes to live in a hospice home.

From there, it turns briefly into an inspiring comedy drama, about a bunch of sick teenagers bonding, before it rapidly devolves into scary horror.

Netflix Horror Series 'The Midnight Club‎' Releases Official Trailer | FMV6

The characters start to explore the legends surrounding the home and desperately do anything it takes for them to live through their sicknesses.

The Midnight Club hits Netflix on Oct. 7.

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