‘Morbius’ grosses $84 million worldwide in opening weekend


Recently, the dark superhero movie “Morbius” adapted from Marvel Comics has been released worldwide.

“Morbius” earned $84 million at the global box office in its first weekend and $39.1 million in North America, easily winning the weekend box office.

The film is produced by the two super-popular series “Spider-Man: Far from Home‎” and “Venom”, which have made a total of 14 billion US dollars at the box office. Directed by Daniel Espinosa (“Life”), Jared Leto (” Blade Runner 2049″, “Darla’s Buyers Club”) starring.

'Mobius' grosses $84 million worldwide in opening weekend

“Morbius” grossed $84 million in 62 markets around the world in its first weekend, $17.1 million in North America on its first day (including Thursday’s early show), and $34 million in its first weekend, topping the weekend’s global box office and North American box office charts.

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Meanwhile, “Morbius” took the top spot in 42 markets, with the United Kingdom leading with $4.2 million and Mexico opening with $3.8 million.

In addition, the film has also received support from the media, movie fans and comic fans.

Entertainment Weekly commented, “Director Daniel Espinosa gives the film a dark undertone, subtly blending high-intensity violence with a gothic vibe that feels delightful and urgent right down to the final minutes.”

“The San Francisco Chronicle” commented: “‘Morbius’ successfully eschews the routine of ordinary superhero movies, which is refreshing.”

'Mobius' grosses $84 million worldwide in opening weekend

Vulture magazine described the film as a “tight, light-hearted, top-notch thriller with a terrific thriller, a startling plot, and a truly moving performance.”

Morbius is Spider-Man’s rival after Venom, and “Morbius” is another spin-off character movie in the Spider-Man universe after the “Venom” series.

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The film tells the legendary story of Morbius’s growth from a disabled boy with a blood disease to a dark hero.

Morbius is the most unusual superhero ever seen in the Marvel universe, and he is both good and evil, good and evil.

Morbius has a unique super ability, not only can echolocation like a bat, but also can easily dodge bullets by teleporting, and can glide faster than a train. 

'Mobius' grosses $84 million worldwide in opening weekend

In addition, Jared Leto has always been concerned and discussed by everyone from the official announcement as Morbius to the audience inspection on the big screen.

Jared Leto won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for “Dallas Buyers Club‎”.

This time, in “Morbius”, he played the role of the dark superhero of Marvel for the first time.

In order to show the sick and frail characteristics of Morbius’ character, not only was he extremely thin, but he also insisted on crutches and wheelchairs every day on the set, which shows his level of dedication.

Its high appearance, role modeling ability, and extreme performance style have also conquered the majority of fans and made people shine.

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