Marvel’s ‘Fantastic Four’ is in the works, will start filming in early 2024


With the development of the Marvel Universe, the sixth phase of the key film ‘Fantastic Four’ has also entered the preparatory stage. It is understood that this highly anticipated film will start shooting in early 2024. The film’s release date is also scheduled for Valentine’s Day in 2025.

The film is still in the pre-production stage, the film director Matt Shakman said: “We will not have the opportunity to shoot the film until early next year. Right now, I have ‘Shin Godzilla’ work to do. In addition, any news people see on the Internet about the film’s cast members are just rumors.

Marvel's 'Fantastic Four' is in the works, will start filming in early 2024 | FMV6

From this point of view, the ‘Fantastic Four’ did not enter the actual casting stage.

Fantastic Four is the United States Marvel Comics superhero team, consisting of Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Thing four people with superpowers.

Comic ‘Fantastic Four’ is the opening work of Marvel in the 60s revival, about four scientists due to the mutation of cosmic radiation, access to four different superpowers, from then on to set up a team, both to fight crime, but also scientific adventure, to solve a variety of bizarre problems.

Before Marvel’s ‘Fantastic Four’, there were three ‘Fantastic Four’ feature films released. The directors were Oley Sassone, Tim Story and Josh Trank.

However, all three films received average word-of-mouth, especially the Josh Trank version was released to poor reviews.

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