Jessica Henwick reveals new project, she will star in “The Royal Hotel”


Mixed-race actress Jessica Henwick has a new work planned. According to media reports, she will star in a film called “The Royal Hotel” in which she will collaborate with Hugo Weaving.

The story of “The Royal Hotel” takes place in Australia, where two good friends travel together and plan to travel across Australia to enjoy the beauty. But soon they ran out of money.

In desperation, they could only come to the “Royal Hotel” as temporary workers.

Jessica Henwick reveals new project, she will star in "The Royal Hotel"

However, while working, they discovered some secrets of the Royal Hotel. Things took a turn for the worse, out of control.

It is not difficult to see from the story outline of the film that this will be a horror and thriller. According to the plan, female director Kitty Green will direct the film.

“The Assistant”, “Casting JonBenet‎” and “Украина – не бордель‎” under her name have all been hits.

Jessica Henwick has been making a splash in Hollywood in recent years. is a British actor of Singaporean descent. Her mother is Chinese-Singaporean and her father is British.

She is the first East Asian actress to play the lead role in a British drama series, including “Iron Fist”, “Spirit Warriors‎”, “Game of Thrones” and more.

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