Live-action ‘Hercules‎’ reveals new dynamic, producer Joe Russo says it will be more modern


The live-action version of ‘Hercules‎’ , which has been in the works for more than three years, has been exposed to a new dynamic.

It is reported that the film, will have more modern content, rather than in accordance with the original animation settings, the live-action remake of the same pace.

Live-action 'Hercules‎' reveals new dynamic, producer Joe Russo says it will be more modern | FMV6

The announcement was made by the film’s producer, Joe Russo, who said, “We’re paying homage to the original film, but we’re also modernizing it. The most interesting thing about the original film was the comedy and the subversive aspects of the story. I think we’re going to show that in the new version,” he said.

From Russo’s words, it is not difficult to see that perhaps this live-action version of ‘Hercules’, will rewrite the story line.

Disney animation ‘Hercules’ adapted from ancient Greek mythology, about the son of Zeus Hercules was framed and reduced to a mortal, after a series of adventures, become a superhero, and return to the story of Oros Olympos.

Currently, the film is in early development, whether the musical elements will remain unknown, but Dave Callaham, who wrote the script for the Wonder Woman 2 ‘The Expendables’ series, is writing the screenplay, and the film may have many action elements.

Previous reports have pointed out that the live-action version of ‘Hercules’, will most likely be made into a whole series.

At present, the famous director Guy Ritchie has been confirmed to direct the film.

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