Quidditch sport renamed Quadball

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The ‘Quidditch’ created in ‘Harry Potter’ has spawned into a real-life sport that also has leagues, teams and associations around the world (excluding the flying in the sky part, of course).

Quidditch sport renamed Quadball | FMV6

Quidditch renamed Quadball

Recently, the International Association of Quidditch (IQA) announced that the sport will be renamed “Quadball”

Because the original HP author J. K. Rowling’s comments about the transgender community caused discontent and “Quadball” wanted to grow on its own.

Quidditch sport renamed Quadball | FMV6

Quidditch’ is a registered trademark of Warner, and other people need to pay to use it, while US Quadball and Major League Quadball have already taken the trademark of “Quadball” in the United States, and the name change will start from the United States this summer, and will be derived to the The name will be changed from the US to the sport worldwide this summer.

Quidditch sport renamed Quadball | FMV6

According to IQA the sport has grown to 40 countries and 600 teams worldwide.

Quidditch sport renamed Quadball | FMV6

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