“Knives Out‎ 2” in preparation,Daniel Craig is sure to return


After gaining a good reputation and box office,”Knives Out‎ 2″ directed by Rian Johnson was successfully prepared.

A few days ago, in an interview, the director who has been making great works in recent years said that Craig will return to the sequel of “Knives Out‎” and continue to solve the case.

Rian Johnson said: “”Knives Out‎ 2″ will be regarded as another classic detective novel by Agatha Christie, continuing to tell about Benoit Blanc’s case. But in a different context, there will be a brand new And will focus on the life of the new character.”

His implication is that in addition to the detective played by Daniel Craig, who will appear in this sequel, all other roles will be replaced.

And this also means that the film will follow Christie’s model of the Polo detective story.

“Knives Out‎” pays tribute to the suspense writer Agatha Christie and revolves around an incomplete family.

"Knives Out‎ 2" in preparation, Daniel Craig is sure to return

The family got together to celebrate the 85th birthday of the family’s elders and also a well-known crime novel writer.

But the novelist died shortly after the party, and the party got worse and worse from this moment.

Daniel Craig plays a private detective in the film, and Lakeith Stanfield plays a policeman.

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The two entered the family to investigate this mysterious death case, only to discover some rather strange and distorted secrets, and things gradually fell out of control.

It should be said that “Knives Out‎” brought director Rian Johnson back to the original starting point.

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Before “Looper” and the high-budget, multi-action drama “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”, he started with a detective genre.

In 2005, it was the noir film “Brick” starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt with high school students as the protagonist that made him famous.

Currently, there is no specific filming schedule for the sequel.

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