Katherine Waterston Joins Drama Thriller ‘Black Flies‎’


Katherine Waterston joins the drama thriller “Black Flies‎”, which also stars Sean Penn and Tye Sheridan.

Katherine Waterston Joins Drama Thriller 'Black Flies‎'

Directed by Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire (“A Prayer Before Dawn‎”), based on the novel of the same name by Shannon Burke and written by Ryan King & Ben Mack Brown, it focuses on the life-saving healthcare workers and the price they pay for it.

Ollie Cross (Sheridan) is ready to do good and prepare for his medical school dreams as he drives an ambulance and hits the streets with grizzled veteran Gene Rutovsky (Sean Penn), one of New York’s best doctors , into the harsh reality of the streets of downtown New York.

Katherine Waterston Joins Drama Thriller 'Black Flies‎'

Amid high crime rates, homelessness, and widespread drug use, Ollie finds his perspective on life and death beginning to shift, trapped in a life-changing struggle between good and evil.

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