Jodie Comer joins the movie “Kitbag” as Napoleon’s wife


The famous director Ridley Scott and Apple’s key project “Kitbag” is a biopic of Napoleon.

A few days ago, “Kitbag” confirmed the joining of “Killing Eve” lead actress Jodie Comer.

It is reported that Jodie Comer will play Napoleon’s first queen in “Kitbag”, the first queen of the French First Empire, Joséphine de Beauharnais.

Jodie Comer joins the movie "Kitbag" as Napoleon's wife

At the same time, Joaquin Phoenix will play the famous Napoleon himself in the film.

The title of “Kitbag” is derived from Napoleon, a famous French military strategist and politician: “Every soldier has a marshal’s baton in his bag.”

It is understood that “Kitbag” is a blockbuster film about Napoleon’s origin story and the road to emperor.

The film will unfold from the perspective of Napoleon’s wife Joséphine, and look at the ups and downs between Napoleon and his beloved Joséphine from the perspective of original characters.

“Kitbag” shows the famous battles that Napoleon has experienced in his life, his ambition and strategic mind as an extraordinary and visionary military strategist, and how he prospered quickly and eventually became the first emperor of France.

Historically, Joséphine de Beauharnais was 6 years older than Napoleon Bonaparte.

When Napoleon met her, Joséphine was still a widow, and their love was full of entanglements and betrayals.

Earlier this year, Ridley Scott said in an interview with the media: “I have always been fascinated by Napoleon. He came from a mediocre background, but he rules everything-but at the same time, he is having a romance with his unfaithful wife. The war. He conquered the world to win her love. When he failed in love, he conquered the world to destroy her, and in the process destroyed himself.”

Currently, “Kitbag” has no specific filming plan, and Ridley Scott’s new film “The Last Duel” will premiere at the ongoing Venice Film Festival.

Ridley Scott will receive the Cartier Honor Filmmaker Award at this year’s Venice Film Festival.

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