Is there still “Avengers 5”?


When asked why “Avengers 5” has not been confirmed.

Marvel boss Kevin Fitch said that after “Avengers 4”, they need a long time to create a new chapter.

And now, in fact, they have already begun to pave the way.

Just like in the first stage, you need a certain amount of management before you can gather everyone together.

As for the development of the plot, the question of whether “Avengers” still exists.

Kevin Fitch said that this is a very good question, and he said that everyone will see it in future movies.

Is there still "Avengers 5"?

And now, some characters in the movie are also struggling with this problem.

Iron Man Tony Stark left, Captain America Steve Rogers stepped down, and Falcon became the new Captain America.

But what does it mean to be an “Avenger”?

Will there be a core team in the future?

Who will lead this team?

Who will fund this team?

These problems may not be exposed in some movies, but of course they will always exist in the background.

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