Trailer for new drama ‘This England‎’ focusing on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the UK’s early fight against the virus


The new drama ‘This England‎’, which focuses on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Britain’s early fight against the epidemic, has released a trailer for Kenneth Branagh (‘Tenet’ ‘Murder on the Orient Express ‘) as Johnson how well restored?

‘This England’ will begin on September 21 with six episodes examining Britain in the early days of the New Crown epidemic: How did the epidemic affect the country? How did the scientists and health care workers who were actively fighting the epidemic react?

The plot purports to come from the experiences of frontline staff, “countless real-life stories”, from 10 Downing Street, the residence of the British Prime Minister, to the Department of Health, from the UK Specialist Emergency Advisory Group (SAGE) to hospitals and care centers up and down the UK ……

The play will tell the story of “some of the most devastating events in British history and how the Prime Minister led at this unprecedented time”.

Johnson himself had been diagnosed and hospitalized with a new crown.

‘This England’ is written & directed by Michael Winterbottom, with Tim Shipman, editor of the political section of ‘The Sunday Times’, as a consultant on the series.

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