Arthur Liszt became the screenwriter of “Armor Wars”


Disney and Scarlett Johansson terminated their contract, and the Russell Brothers, the director of “Avengers”, also left the film industry. So who did Disney’s resources give to?

This veteran film studio has given resources to new actors and new generation filmmakers.

Arthur Liszt became the screenwriter of "Armor Wars"

The director of “Loki” is the new generation of female filmmaker Kate Herron, and “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” has many young actors.

Yassir Lester became the screenwriter of “Armor Wars”. This screenwriter has a relatively thin resume. He had only served as a screenwriter for “Duncanville” before.

“Armor Wars” is a series focused on by the Marvel team. Kevin Fitch spent a lot of thought on this series, and Don Cheadle returned to Disney as the starring role.

“Armor Wars” was able to use the unfamiliar Arthur Liszt as the screenwriter, and the Hollywood Reporter told a fact.

Disney loves the new generation of filmmakers.

“Armor Wars” is an important drama in the next phase of the MCU’s plans. Disney let a new generation of filmmakers act as screenwriters, indicating that the film industry loves newcomers.

Arthur Liszt became the screenwriter of "Armor Wars"

Yassir Lester is only 37 years old, which belongs to the young and strong school in the field of creators.

Of course, Hollywood has many young filmmakers at this stage. Greta Celeste Gerwig, the director of “Lady Bird”, is also only 38 years old. She has become a recipient of many heavyweight awards.

Yassir Lester was able to be hired by the Marvel team. His magic is that his resume is very simple.

In addition to being content with the creation task of “Duncanville”, this new generation of filmmakers just entered the dubbing lineup of “Black Monday”, both of which are not very popular.

Why did Disney allow such an inexperienced filmmaker to become a screenwriter for the large-scale series “Armor Wars”?

Disney’s preference for the new generation of filmmakers has become an indisputable fact.

When Hollywood theaters are closed, every film industry has to save money.

Arthur Liszt became the screenwriter of "Armor Wars"

Well-known actors and directors pay too high a salary. In order to maintain their position in Hollywood, these big names refuse to lower their pay.

“Loki” star Tom Hiddleston is willing to drop the pay, the reason he gave is also “for the producer’s consideration”.

Tom Hiddleston’s agent said that his actors still accept the original pay.

Scarlett Johansson and the Russell brothers are already famous actors and filmmakers, and they naturally refuse to accompany Disney to lower their worth.

Judging from the established cast of “Armor Wars”, although Don Cheadle has some qualifications in Hollywood, he is not a very popular actor, and his salary is not high.

The new generation of actors and filmmakers can save the company a lot of money, because these people have low pay for participating in dramas or movies.

Some newcomers are even willing to participate in the works of major studios in order to be able to appear in the big hit series.

The Marvel team’s positioning of “Armor Wars” is a hot series, and Disney does not want to spend money on the director lineup.

Yassir Lester also needs to improve his popularity and resume in the circle. It is normal for the company to use inexperienced screenwriters.

Therefore, Yassir Lester became the screenwriter of “Armor Wars” mainly because the large-scale film industry wanted to save the cost of creation of works in a special period.

Yassir Lester has a novel idea in the creation of the script, which is the characteristic he showed during the interview process of the Marvel team.

Some fans have raised a question: Disney loves the new generation of filmmakers, and the MCU working group is also launching newcomers in the hot series. These newcomers have insufficient experience. Will the quality of Disney’s science fiction series or Marvel superhero series deteriorate?

I personally feel that lack of experience is a good thing for cosmic movies.

Comic film or drama series is a new field, and novel thinking is more conducive to the long-term development of the film industry.

In the past, DC was unable to develop on the big screen because their parent company, Warner, still had the mindset of an established film studio.

Later, after Warner changed the management, DC Universe Film fought a beautiful turnaround with “Joker”.

“Armor Wars” is also a series that requires novel creative thinking, which is why Disney loves the new generation of filmmakers.

Arthur Liszt became the screenwriter of "Armor Wars"

“Armor Wars” was originally a show on the Disney Channel, after this show was popular.

Considering that streaming media requires a large number of film and television dramas, Kevin Fitch plans to make “Armor Wars” a limited drama such as “Wanda Vision” or “Loki”.

Although the quality of Marvel’s episodes in a special period is not high, MCU fans also like to complain about the decline in the quality of their own works.

However, limited dramas can have the guarantee of ratings in the era of theater closures.

“Armor Wars” is a story that begins after “Avengers: Endgame”.

Yassir Lester is good at creating scripts outside the frame, and this young filmmaker may be able to surprise Disney.

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