IMAX releases “Free Guy” Chinese limited art posters


The sci-fi action comedy “Free Guy” will be screened in over 720 IMAX theaters nationwide on Friday, August 27 in IMAX 3D format.

IMAX today released a limited number of art posters for the film China. The unique hand-painted style is refreshing.

The poster is taken from a corner of the game world “Free City” in the film.

And brain elements such as fighter jets, big iron balls, and turrets remind the audience that “Free Guy” will be a magical journey that breaks through the dimension.

It is worth mentioning that the three main characters are also lurking as “stinger”, inviting the audience to recognize “Guy” and walk into the IMAX theater to find more surprises.

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In the film, the bank teller “Guy” played by Ryan Reynolds was living an orderly life, but unexpectedly discovered that he was an NPC (non-player character) in an open video game.

IMAX releases "Free Guy" Chinese limited art posters

So he decided to get rid of the control of the game mode, rewrite his story, and become the “hero” of the game world.

The film is directed by Shawn Levy, director of the “Night at the Museum” series, starring Ryan Reynolds, and co-starred by Jodie Comer, the Emmy Award winner, Taika Waititi, the Oscar winner, and “Captain America” ​​Chris Evans, “Wolverine” Hugh Jackman and other popular superstars have a dream linkage.

“Free Guy” received a burst of praise after its debut overseas, and the general audience and professional media gave high praise.

On the authoritative film review website “Rotten Tomatoes”, the popcorn index reflecting the audience’s word of mouth is as high as 95%, and the authoritative audience research organization CinemaScore also gave A-level praise.

“Free Guy” has a big brain, and innovatively sets up an open game world, especially suitable for “entering into the play” in IMAX 3D format.

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