“Free Guy” has a big hit, attracting audiences to return to IMAX theaters


On August 27th, the annual sci-fi action comedy film “Free Guy” will be available in over 720 IMAX theaters nationwide.

“Free Guy” has been the top box office champion for two weeks since its release in North America, and its popularity on social platforms has continued to soar, attracting many global audiences to return to theaters for the first time after the epidemic.

"Free Guy" has a big hit, attracting audiences to return to IMAX theaters

The film’s director, Shawn Levy, also said from the bottom of his heart in an interview: “Every filmmaker wants the story they tell to be presented in as loud and grand as possible. We live in an era of continuous development of streaming media, of course I I am also a part of this era. But when we made “Free Guy”, we only had one goal, which was to bring the audience a sense of collective happiness. You sit in a dark movie theater with all the lights off and feel it with everyone, that The experience is really different.”

Top box office champion for two consecutive weeks. The next week after the outbreak, the summer has the smallest drop

“Free Guy” tells the story of the bank teller “Guy” played by Ryan Reynolds who had lived a routine life, but unexpectedly discovered that he was an NPC (non-player character) in an open video game.

So he decided to get rid of the control of the game mode, rewrite his story, and become the “hero” of the game world.

“Free Guy” was released in North America on August 13, and in the first week, it created a surprise with a box office that far exceeded the industry’s expectations and topped the box office list. The next week it was released, it continued to win the box office with a 34% drop.

This is not only much lower than the 50%-60% average drop of major production movies, but also set a record for the smallest weekly drop in the summer grade since the epidemic.

The resumption of the theater window period was a big success, “Free Guy” triggered a big discussion in overseas media

"Free Guy" has a big hit, attracting audiences to return to IMAX theaters

As more and more viewers return to movie theaters because of “Free Guy”, the media also discusses the return of traditional theater distribution models and the irreplaceability of theaters from a deeper level.

This time, “Free Guy” resumed its 45-day theater window, and no longer synchronized streaming media platform releases, becoming the first large-scale non-online and offline simultaneous release of works recently.

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