Helen Keller’s biopic “Helen and Teacher” is in preparation


British director Wash Westmoreland, who once filmed “Still Alice”, has plans to expose a new film. It is understood that the director who is good at shooting biographical films is currently preparing a brand-new biographical film “Helen and Teacher”.

“Helen and Teacher” will focus on the story of Helen Keller and her tutor, Sullivan.

Helen Keller's biopic "Helen and Teacher" is in preparation

The film has not yet started, but the actors have been selected.

Millicent Simmonds, who once performed well in A Quiet Place, will play Helen Keller in the film.

And Rachel Elizabeth Brosnahan will play her female teacher Sullivan in the film.

According to the producer’s plan, the film will tell the story of young Helen instead of telling the story of her childhood.

Obviously, for the public, the story of Helen’s childhood is familiar to the public.

But how she transformed from literacy and writing to a writer is little known.

Therefore, Wash Westmoreland’s plan is to tell Helen’s slightly older life story.

For this movie project, both the front and back of the scene staff are quite balanced.

It is especially worth mentioning that Millicent Simmonds, who plays Helen, is a woman with hearing impairment.

And this is also the first time in film history that a hearing impaired actor has played the role of Helen.

As a famous figure in the inspirational circle, Helen is a woman who has lost sight and hearing.

With the help of the tutor Sullivan, she not only learned to read, but also mastered the ability to write.

The two remained close friends until Sullivan’s death in 1936.

In the film industry, Helen’s story has always been an excellent source of inspiration.

Among them, “The Miracle Worker” in 1962 is the most famous one.

According to the plan, the film will start shooting in the summer of 2022, and the release time is undetermined.

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