Inventory of Hollywood animations released in the second half of the year

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Many Hollywood animations will be released in the second half of this year. Don’t forget to bring your family to watch them.

A new masterpiece by Kirk De Micco, director of the Oscar-nominated Best Animated Feature Film “The Croods”.

“Vivo” tells a happy and moving story.

After the death of her partner Grandpa Andrés, Vivo, in order to fulfill his last wish, embarked on a journey of “adventure for love” with the cool girl Gabi.

The life treasure partner experienced many challenges such as road racing, crossing the rain forest, and fighting the snake, and worked hard to fulfill his wish for Andrés.

At the same time, they also know each other better and become sincere friends because of music.

Gabi also resolved the estrangement with her mother and expressed her love for each other.

The adventurous friendship, warm family affection, sincere love, and healing emotions have also won the film a wide range of acclaim, and it has been praised by the media as “the most suitable animation to watch with family.”

The combination of the honey bear and the quirky little girl, which is rarely seen on the big screen, is very fresh, and the colorful painting style is also in line with the preferences of children’s audiences.

Inventory of Hollywood animations released in the second half of the year

Honey bear Vivo is a decathlon, can sing, dance, and play musical instruments.

Gabi loves rap and has a lively personality. Although he is a “bear child” in the eyes of adults, he is enthusiastic and kind and has a strong “survivability” in adventures.

I believe that when parents see such children, they will rethink how to communicate with them sincerely.

In short, the joyful and warm style of painting is very suitable for viewing with the family.

It is worth mentioning that the composer for the film is Lin-Manuel Miranda, who wrote the hit musical “Hamilton”, and he himself also dubbed the honey bear in the film.

As one of the hottest music producers in recent years, the joining of Lin-Manuel Miranda also gives this animation more quality assurance.

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“Ron’s Gone Wrong”

“Ron’s Gone Wrong”, a collaboration between Disney’s 20th Century Pictures and Locksmith Animation, has been officially announced.

The film tells that in the near future, digital robots will become indispensable companions for human children.

The omnipotent smart device connects you to the world in an unprecedented way.

Except for our lonely human protagonist, Barney, who longs for friendship.

Inventory of Hollywood animations released in the second half of the year

He found that his “little robot” was not very smart, and it was a bit stuck…

What kind of unusual friendship will they reap?

In the clip, the little robot wants to help the lonely owner make friends.

It goes out to distribute flyers, sends out (owner’s) breakfast to passers-by/dogs to express friendship, and asks passers-by to like on the spot with the owner’s photo…

The little robot works very hard. How many responses can it send to friend invitations?

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“Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformania”

The “Hotel Transylvania” series has always been full of witty humor and imagination, with various elves as the protagonists, making the animation more interesting.

As the finale of the series, the fourth part is very much looking forward to.

In this movie, all members of the elven family were forced to transform due to an accident. All elves became humans, and the only human became elves.

Inventory of Hollywood animations released in the second half of the year

In order to find a way to return to their original form, they had to send their family to the human world to find a cure.

So different from the previous story that basically happened in the hostel, this time they finally entered a new world.

It is conceivable that under the double attack of the new identity and new world, this family will inevitably create all kinds of jokes.

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“Sing 2”

This 2016 animation finally has a sequel.

The first part is the small animals participating in a singing competition, bringing a lot of good music and fun stalks.

In the second part, the little animals set off to plan a new performance, and there are more new characters coming on stage. No

Inventory of Hollywood animations released in the second half of the year

I know if the five red pandas that were so popular in the first movie will have a chance to appear again.

It is said that U2’s lead singer Bono has also joined the dubbing lineup of the film, and you can look forward to it.

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Disney’s new animation masterpiece “Encanto” is coming soon!

“Encanto” is presented by “Zootopia” director Byron Howard and the “Frozen” team.

Original music by Lin-Manuel Miranda, the gold medal producer of “Hamilton”.

As the 60th animated feature film released by Disney Animation Studios, the story background of “Encanto” is set in Colombia.

The main base color of “Encanto” is warm earth tones, creating a unique South American style

The story takes place in a land full of magic. The Madrid family lives in a vibrant town called encanto in Colombia.

Inventory of Hollywood animations released in the second half of the year

In this magic family, Mirabel is the only little girl who has no talent for magic.

When she discovered that the magic surrounding the town was in danger, the ordinary Mirabel became the family’s last hope.

“Encanto” will be released in North America on November 24.

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