“Heels” exposure trailer, “Green Arrow” incarnation of wrestler


“Green Arrow” Stephen Amell starred in the new professional wrestling drama “Heels” (Heels, refers to the badass role in wrestling) exposure preview, will start on August 15 on Starz.


Please keep watching the trailer. In addition to the passion of men, there are also beautiful scissor feet of female wrestlers!

Alexander Ludwig, Kelli Berglund, etc. also starred, Mike O’Malley (“Shameless”) was the operator, and Michael Waldron (“Loki”) was the screenwriter.

"Heels" exposure trailer, "Green Arrow" incarnation of wrestler

“Heels” focuses on the men and women who work hard in the small town professional wrestling league and is set in a closely-connected community in Georgia, USA.

Stephen Amell plays Jack Spade, the owner and Heels of the Duffy Wrestling Association (DWA).

He also has a younger brother who is a decent person in the DWA league.

In the real world, Jack Spade struggled to make ends meet for his family’s wife and children, thinking about his impossible dream…

"Heels" exposure trailer, "Green Arrow" incarnation of wrestler

His tough guy has an artist’s mind, Jobs-style pursuit of perfection, and a desire for control.

He desperately wanted to make DWA a wrestling empire, for which he put his marriage and brotherhood into crisis.

“Heels” will be broadcast on Starz on August 15.

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