“Jackass Forever” first exposure official trailer


The classic spoof series “Jackass The Movie” is back, and the trailer of “Jackass Forever” created by Johnny Knoxville and other original crews has been exposed.

This time the English film is called “Jackass Forever”, which is like a reunion 20 years later, and it is also like the last time I am making fun of my life.

"Jackass Forever" first exposure official trailer

The film series is rooted in the show “Jackass The Movie” broadcast by Johnny Knoxville and his madmen on MTV.

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"Jackass Forever" first exposure official trailer

In this show, a bunch of lunatics play all kinds of dangerous, exciting and unbelievable things just to see how people will react.

"Jackass Forever" first exposure official trailer

Compared with the performances in TV shows, the movies can stimulate their imagination and creativity and bring their weirdness to the extreme!

"Jackass Forever" first exposure official trailer

At the end of the trailer, it is clearly announced again: All scenes are performed by professional actors, so neither you nor your friends should imitate it!

Just look at a few teaser posters and you will know how crazy they are playing this time.

“Jackass Forever” will be released in the United States on October 22 this year.

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