Horror film “The Black Phone” starring Ethan Hawke released Official Trailer 2


A new trailer for the Blumhouse horror film “The Black Phone,” starring Ethan Hawke, hits theaters in Northern America on June 24.

“The Black Phone” is directed by “Doctor Strange” director Scott Derrickson, who has collaborated with Hawke since “Sinister‎” and also stars Mason Thames (“For All Mankind”).

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Based on a short story by Joe Hill, the film tells the story of Finney (Thames), a shy and bright 13-year-old boy who is kidnapped and locked in a soundproof basement.

Horror film "The Black Phone" starring Ethan Hawke released Official Trailer 2

But every night, he gets calls from an old, unserviced cell phone from dead people, all dead at the hands of this kidnapper (Hawke), who will do everything in their power to protect Finney from being killed.

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