Doomsday game ‘Days Gone’ will be adapted into a movie starring Sam Heughan


Recently, according to media reports, the famous open-ended adventure game ‘Days Gone’ will be adapted into a movie. Sam Heughan, the lead actor of ‘Outlander’, will star in this film.

‘Days Gone’ is an action-adventure game listed in 2019 for PC and PS4. publisher and producer are Sony Corporation.

Doomsday game 'Days Gone' will be adapted into a movie starring Sam Heughan | FMV6

The background of the work is set in the outbreak of a massive worldwide disease infection two years after the Earth, the player will play the protagonist Deacon St. John in the collapse of the social order of the United States struggling to survive.

To rescue his wife, Deacon and the alcoholic share a life and death in a mutated world.

Two years later Deacon and the alcoholic have long since adapted to the ways of survival in a desolate post-apocalyptic world where, apart from a handful of colonies and shelters, the outside world has been overrun by a sea of corpses and the only humans left may be even more terrifying than the instinct-driven zombies.

In this world, Deacon and the alcoholic chose not to trust anyone, and they established their own base, ready to return north to their homeland after a complete reorganization.

Currently, the film is still in the early stages of development and no more specific information is available.

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