“Extraction 2” was filmed in Prague, and Chris Hemsworth began to rescue again


Recently, the movie “Extraction 2” starring Chris Hemsworth started shooting in Prague.

“Extraction 2” director Sam Hargrave announced the news on his social networking site.

"Extraction 2" was filmed in Prague, and Chris Hemsworth began to rescue again

Sam Hargrave wrote: “Shoot Day 1 is in the books on Extraction 2!.We have such an amazing cast and crew. Excited about this one!!!”

In the video he released, it can be seen that it is snowing heavily in Prague.

In “Extraction 2”, Sam Hargrave will increase the proportion of the action scene.

He said: “I have been trying new ways to shoot action scenes. This new capture and new processing method can make people feel interesting, which is very interesting.”

In “Extraction”, Chris Hemsworth is a character born out of nowhere.

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How he got to this position step by step is also a story worth telling.

According to the producer’s plan, “Extraction” is expected to be transformed into a universe.

Tyler Rake, the actor played by Chris Hemsworth in the film, is a weather-beaten mercenary.

In order to survive, Taylor needs to face a violent world full of weapons and drug trafficking.

It is worth mentioning that “Extraction” is the directorial debut of Sam Hargrave, the “Captain America” ​​Chris Evans action substitute in the Marvel universe, and the screenwriter and producer are the generals of Marvel, who have created many The Russo brothers of the film.

From this point of view, “Extraction” can be regarded as a brand new action movie created by the team behind the Marvel Universe.

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