“Enola Holmes 2” exposes new dynamics, and the filming of Henry Cavill’s scene has ended


Netflix’s movie “Enola Holmes 2” is progressing smoothly.

The filming of “Enola Holmes 2” started in September, until November 29th, the filming of Henry Cavill has been successfully completed.

Henry Cavill said: “This is my last day on the set of “Enola Holmes 2″. I love this movie very much. At the scene, I have been thinking about what would happen if I hadn’t made this movie. However, anyway, I filmed the film, I love this film, it feels so wonderful to shoot it.”

"Enola Holmes 2" exposes new dynamics, and the filming of Henry Cavill's scene has ended

“Enola Holmes” is adapted from Nancy Springer’s “The Enola Holmes Mysteries” series of novels. There are 6 original novels in total.

The film tells of Enola Holmes’s mother who suddenly disappeared on her 16th birthday. She asked her brothers for help but found that they were more concerned about sending her to a boarding school to settle down than to solve the mystery.

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So Enola Holmes fled to London, started his career as a detective, and was always one step ahead of his brothers.

The actor Millie Bobby Brown who played the lead role in “Enola Holmes” will return to the crew and continue to play Enola Holmes.

Henry Cavill will play Holmes himself.

Currently, “Enola Holmes 2” has no specific release schedule.

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