“Disenchanted” exposes new dynamics: adding more singing and dancing


As a sequel to the 2007 film “Enchanted”, “Disenchanted” is long overdue.

In the interview, “Disenchanted” starring Amy Adams said that there will be more singing, dancing, singing and dancing in the sequel, but these performances also put a lot of pressure on her.

Amy Adams said: “The last time I did so many singing and dancing performances was when I was in my twenties. Now I am in my forties. I still want to do these. It feels completely different. To be honest, the film Singing is more and more complicated than the original. When I went to watch the replay, it felt very strange.”

The original “Enchanted” is a comedy musical film full of American fantasy and romance.

"Disenchanted" exposes new dynamics: adding more singing and dancing

“Enchanted” tells that Giselle is a young girl from the Kingdom of Andalusia, who was framed by a vicious queen and traveled through time to Manhattan, New York.

Giselle met Robert, a local lawyer, and then embarked on Giselle’s wonderful trip to Manhattan.

In “Disenchanted”, the story will focus on Giselle’s emotional story.

Giselle was born in Andalusia, a country of animation, and lives a beautiful life like a fairy tale.

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Giselle has everything that a perfect princess should have: a beautiful face, a pure and flawless heart, a beautiful voice, and a peculiar ability to communicate with small animals.

Like all princesses, she looks forward to one day sharing the sweetest first kiss with true love.

“Disenchanted” officially ends on August 6, 2021.

Currently, the release time of “Disenchanted” is undetermined.

According to media reports, “Disenchanted” will not be shown in theaters, but will land on the Disney streaming platform next year.

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