Dan Lin missed the chance to be DC’s ‘Kevin Feige’


Ten days ago it was announced that Warner Bros. Discovery had found “DC’s Kevin Feige” – Chinese-born producer Dan Lin (the live-action version of “Aladdin It”, “The Lego Batman Movie”, “Sherlock Holmes”, “The Two Popes”), the two sides began discussions, Dan Lin is expected to serve as the head of DC Pictures Dan Lin is expected to be the head of DC Pictures, directly control all of Warner’s DC movies and series. Now, it is rumored that the two sides have not come to terms and Dan Lin is out of the running for the position.

Dan Lin missed the chance to be DC's 'Kevin Feige' | FMV6

The two sides have reportedly talked about salary and future prospects at the stage, but several factors led to the failure to negotiate, the main reason being that Dan Lin himself has a rather active and prolific production company Rideback and non-profit project Rideback Rise, and if he takes over the job at DC Pictures, how Rideback-related would fit into Warner is a difficult issue that ultimately failed to get done. Today, Warner is continuing to look for candidates for this position.

Previously revealed news: this position will report directly to Zaslav, bypassing Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. and HBO/HBO Max and Warner Bros. TV, the head of the three subdivisions, that is, Warner to create the DC content will be controlled by one person. Walter Hamada, previously the hand of DC Pictures, will gradually fade out.

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