Ant-Man Paul Rudd Gets Tricked By Best Actress Oscar Winner On BBC Radio Show


Paul Rudd recently appeared on BBC Radio’s ‘Breakfast with Greg James’ programme to promote ‘Ant-Man 3’, and during the audience question and answer session, an enthusiastic viewer with a Welsh accent called in: Think about it for me, if you had a good friend of 20 years who didn’t live in the UK and now came to the UK but didn’t tell you, he also went on the radio show by himself, what would you do? Rudd, who was on the edge of his seat the whole time: Oh my God, no way, I’m sweating.

The show later revealed the name of the enthusiastic audience member: Olivia Colman. It turned out that the two had worked together on a play in England years ago, and Luther had stayed on the floor of Colman’s house at the time, developing a great friendship.

This time when Colman heard that Rudd was coming to the UK to promote the show, he decisively wrote an email to the show’s host, Greg James, saying that he wanted to act as an enthusiastic viewer without telling Rudd and screwing him over.

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