Chris Pratt shares the behind-the-scenes photos of “The Terminal List‎”, the wound is bleeding!


On July 19, actor Chris Pratt released a behind-the-scenes photo of ‘The Terminal List’, showing his fitness achievements, and the huge wound bleeding from his left collarbone area also attracted attention.

‘The Terminal List’ is based on Jack Carr’s best-selling novel, about Chris Pratt’s special forces in a top-secret mission when the entire team was ambushed, in the process of pursuing the truth, some dark forces gradually “surfaced “.

Chris Pratt shares the behind-the-scenes photos of "The Terminal List‎", the wound is bleeding! | FMV6

From the previously revealed material can be seen, Chris Pratt’s character suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, after witnessing his comrades killed in action and himself seriously wounded, he is in the torment of painful memories. A large number of gun battles and demolition scenes become the main point of ‘The Terminal List’.

It is reported that ‘The Terminal List’ has been available to the audience since July 1.

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