Lady Gaga is in talks to join “Joker 2”, She may play ‘Harleen Quinzel’


According to media reports, Lady Gaga is in talks to join ‘Joker 2’, or will work with ‘Joker’ Joaquin Phoenix. The negotiations are still in the early stages , after the talks Gaga will play Harleen Quinzel in the film.

The media also revealed an important news, ‘Joker 2’ will be a musical movie!


Like its predecessor ‘Joker’, this version of Harleen Quinzel is not in the same universe as Margot Robbie’s version of ‘Harleen Quinzel’.

Although the photos of Joaquin Phoenix reading the script have been previously revealed, but according to follow-up reports, Phoenix has not yet officially signed, still knocking on the contract.


The title of ‘Joker 2’ is ‘Joker: Folie à Deux’, which is still in the preparation stage.


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