Ridley Scott: “Gladiator 2” is the second movie I’m going to make later


The 83-year-old Ridley Scott is busier than young people. Two films, “The Last Duel” and “The House of Gucci” will be released this fall.

In an interview with “Empire” magazine recently, he said that he is going to direct “Kitbag” soon. The script for “Gladiator 2” has already started, so when I finish shooting Napoleon, I will shoot a new gladiator movie. “

Ridley Scott: "Gladiator 2" is the second movie I'm going to make later

It was reported earlier that “Gladiator 2” will be a continuation of the first story.

Maximus, the protagonist of the last “Gladiator” has been killed in battle, and the second story will feature a new character as the protagonist.

The protagonist may be Lucius, the nephew of the Roman Emperor Commodus.

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