“Challenger”: Luca Guadagnino’s new film plan revealed, Zendaya, Josh O’Connor, Mike Faist and others have joined the crew


Director Luca Guadagnino, who has filmed films such as “Call Me by Your Name” and “Suspiria”, has a new work planned. It is understood that he will be shooting a tennis-themed film called “Challenger”.

At present, Zendaya, Josh O’Connor, Mike Faist and others have joined the crew.

"Challenger": Luca Guadagnino's new film plan revealed, Zendaya, Josh O'Connor, Mike Faist and others have joined the crew

The story of the film takes place in today’s society. The heroine Tashi played by Zendaya is turned from a tennis player to a coach and turns her husband Art from a mediocre player into a world-renowned Grand Slam champion.

But Art is now on a losing streak, and to get him back in shape, Tashi sent Art to a lower-level challenge.

On that court, Art’s opponent is Patrick, a former rising star who is currently in a downturn, Art’s once best friend and Tashi’s ex-boyfriend.

Old hatreds on and off the pitch ignited new ones.

Judging from the plot of the film, this will be a film that tells the struggles and emotions of the characters with the help of sports themes. Relatively speaking, it is very suitable for Luca Guadagnino to direct.

Italian director Luca Guadagnino is one of the most commercially and artistically successful European filmmakers.

He directed “I Am Love, Amore”, “A Bigger Splash”, “Call Me by Your Name”, and “Suspiria”, which have gained good commercial and reputation.

Currently, MGM has won the rights to the film, with Zendaya, Guadagnino and “Spider-Man” series producer Amy Pascal participating in the production.

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