Bob Marley biopic reveals casting dynamics, Kingsley Ben-Adir will star in “Raggie’s Originator”


“King Richard” director Reinaldo Marcus Green’s biopic of Raggie’s representative Bob Marley has been cast recently.

It is reported that actor Kingsley Ben-Adir, who has appeared in “One Night in Miami”, “Peaky Blinders” and “The OA”, will join the crew to play Bob Marley.

Bob Marley biopic reveals casting dynamics, Kingsley Ben-Adir will star in "Raggie's Originator"

The film, which has yet to be titled, is being written by Reinaldo Marcus Green with Zach Baylin, who also co-wrote “King Richard.”

According to media reports, the casting took nearly a year on and off. The film will focus on the behind-the-scenes story of Bob Marley’s production of the album “Exodus: Gods and Kings”.

When talking about the film, Reinaldo Marcus Green said that this is not just a film about the work of musicians, but also a film about historical changes.

In order to make the film more realistic, Bob Marley’s eldest son also invested in the creation of the film.

Born in St. Anne, Jamaica, Bob Marley is the originator, pioneer and representative of Raggie.

In 1960, Bob Marley began a singing career, and each subsequent album has propelled Raggie forward. In 1981, Bob Marley died at the age of 36.

In 1990, Bob Marley’s birthday was made a public holiday in Jamaica.

At present, there is no specific information on the film’s launch.

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