Brendan Fraser cried to receive the SAG Awards film best actor trophy


Brendan Fraser won the Screen Actors Guild Awards(SAG Awards) for Best Actor in a Motion Picture for ‘The Whale’, and he was very emotional on stage, and at the end he was crying and choking up and saying testimonials that were sour, courageous and hopeful: “Ian McKellen told I want to perform well, long story short and then go back to sit, this naked man statue looks very good ha, like an actor. I will cherish this award, but not as much as I did when I won the union card in 1991 and put it in my wallet, which gave me a sense of belonging, we are actors and we all want to belong to a group. It’s hard to believe I’ll get this unforgettable role of a lifetime, working with an amazing team like Darren Aronofsky, Hong Chau and Sadie Sink. Charlie (‘The Whale’ hero) is a man of regret, but he is also in a sea of hope, and I’ve been there, riding the waves of that powerful sea, and have been knocked to the bottom of the ocean, not knowing where I was going. Actors who are going through this, I know how you feel, but if you step forward with your feet on the ground and full of courage, you will get what you want. Thank you to my family, my agent, thank you all.”

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