Michelle Yeoh becomes first Asian to win leading role at SAG Awards


Michelle Yeoh won the Screen Actors Guild Awards(SAG Awards) for Best Actress in a Motion Picture category for ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ and became the first Asian in the history of SAG to win the lead actor award.

On stage she was so excited and full of emotion that she couldn’t help but spill a few expletives: “……FXXK” “Everyone knows the journey is full of bumps, ups and downs, but the most important thing is: never give up. “

Michelle Yeoh also kept saying thank you, saying that Sally Field, winner of the Screen Actors Guild Award for Lifetime Achievement, who was sitting on stage that night, was right in her speech that the hard work and hustle of actors comes from the love of acting, exclaiming, “This award is not just for me, but for every little girl like me It’s for every little girl like me. …… We work hard to earn a place because we love what we do and we want to be seen and heard. Tonight you proved that this is possible and my mom will be forever grateful!”


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