Sci-fi comedy “Upload Season 2” releases Official Trailer, if people’s consciousness can be uploaded to the cloud after death

Amazon’s original sci-fi comedy “Upload” has revealed the trailer for the second season. The series tells the story of people in the future who can upload their consciousness to Upload to continue their lives after death. This season will be launched on March 11.

It is also about the uploading of consciousness by dead people. “Upload” is not a simple imitation of the story of “San Junipero” in the third season of “Black Mirror”, but a satire on the current state of the Internet industry through the future.

Sci-fi comedy

Due to the basis of comedy, the physical death of the male protagonist Nathan (Robbie Amell) did not bring too much pain to his relatives, because he could continue to contact his relatives through VR technology.

Nathan continues to be active in the Upload consciousness and develops an affair with his guide (Andy Allo).

Upload is a purely commercial operation. The dead people find that this place, like the living world, is still dominated by capital: the service is divided into grades, there are many types of internal payment items, and the guide forces you to give five-star praise to the poor who have no money to recharge and live in poor facilities. Room.

What Nathan thinks about after his death is not the meaning of life, but the IT company he ran during his lifetime seems to have a connection with his death…

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