“Army Of The Dead” broke into Netflix’s most popular original movie TOP10


According to foreign media reports, “Army Of The Dead” directed by Zach Schneider received 72 million views four weeks before it went live, breaking into Netflix’s original film TOP10, and “The Midnight Sky” tied for ninth.

The number one is still “Extraction”. “Army Of The Dead” has just been launched for a week, and it is estimated that the final data will be adjusted.

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The film crew also recently released a special series of “zombie horses”, which were originally shot by real horses. The animal protection organization supervised the scene to ensure that the horses would not be abused.

"Army Of The Dead" broke into Netflix's most popular original movie TOP10

Netflix has long planned to film a series of pre-transmission paintings about Batista’s role as Scott, and the director will personally direct two episodes.

The prequel story about the locksmith played by Matthias Schwehof was also filmed before “Army Of The Dead” went live.

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Netflix original movie viewing rankings:

01 “Extraction” (99 million)

02 “Bird Box” (89 million)

03 “Spenser Confidential” (85 million)

04 “6 Underground” (83 million)

05 “Murder Mystery” (83 million)

06 “The Old Guard” (78 million)

0 “Enola Holmes” (76 million)

08 “Project Power” (75 million)

09 “The Midnight Sky” (72 million)

09 “Army Of The Dead” (72 million)

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