Apple’s Psychological Thriller ‘In with the Devil’ Releases Special “An Inside Look: The Story of Jimmy Keene”


Taron Egerton and Paul Walter Hauser star in the Apple psychological thriller ‘In with the Devil’ released a special featurette, which goes live on July 8.

The series was created by Dennis Lehane (‘The Wire’ ‘Shutter Island’), with six episodes, and Ray Liotta, who died recently, also starred.

‘In with the Devil’ is based on the true crime memoir by James Keene & Hillel Levin and stars Egerton as Keene, the son of a police officer serving a 10-year sentence in a minimum security prison for drug trafficking.

During this time, he is offered an early parole – moving to a maximum security prison for mentally ill criminals – and becomes friends with serial killer Larry Hall (Hauser), managing to get the latter to confess.

Keene reluctantly takes on this particular errand to try to find out the truth behind the murders Hall is suspected of committing, while developing a complicated relationship with him.

Apple's Psychological Thriller 'In with the Devil' Releases Special "An Inside Look: The Story of Jimmy Keene" | FMV6

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