Adam Drive’s sci-fi thriller ’65’ releases Super Bowl trailer


Adam Driver and Chloe Coleman star in the sci-fi thriller ’65’ released Super Bowl trailer, misplaced into the ancient world, dinosaurs ferocious. The film tells the story of a man who serves as a commander and a young girl who team up to escape in a prehistoric Earth 65 million years ago.

‘A Quiet Place’ writers Scott Beck & Bryan Woods directed, wrote and produced the film, with ‘Spider-Man’ series director Sam Raimi serving as producer, which opens in Northern America on March 10.

’65’ tells the story of a space exploration mission in which a spacecraft piloted by Commander Mills accidentally crashes into a mysterious celestial body on an asteroid impact. Of the thirty-odd crew members, only Mills and a young girl survive.

What is unexpected is that this mysterious celestial body is 65 million years ago prehistoric Earth. Faced with the pursuit of the then dominant dinosaur of the Earth and the unknown environment full of crisis, they join hands to open a thrilling escape mode ……

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