Zoë Kravitz Reveals: ‘Catwoman Is Bisexual’ in ‘The Batman’

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“Catwoman” Zoë Kravitz revealed that her performance in the film is “Catwoman is bisexual”. Director Matt Reeves said that this is not the conclusion of “The Batman”, but it can be used as a direction of interpretation.

Catwoman Selina Kyle is bisexual in the comics, but it’s never mentioned in the movie, nor is it explicitly mentioned in “The Batman”.

Zoë Kravitz Reveals: 'Catwoman Is Bisexual' in 'The Batman'

However, there is a scene where Selina calls a female character named Anika “baby”, a cute and lovable name for relatives and friends.

Asked by Australian media outlet Pedestrian.tv if Catwoman’s bisexuality was implied, Kravitz said: “I do – they (Selina and Anika) have some kind of love relationship.”

Zoë Kravitz Reveals: 'Catwoman Is Bisexual' in 'The Batman'

The interviewer was happy that there was finally a film where Catwoman was bisexual, and Kravitz said, “I agree.”

And director Reeves said: This version of Selina is very loyal to the role, she is not a Catwoman in the film, but “she has all the elements of ‘how to be a catwoman'”.

Zoë Kravitz Reveals: 'Catwoman Is Bisexual' in 'The Batman'

As for the relationship between Selina and Anika, Reeves said he talked to Kravitz about it early on, and Kravitz thought “Selina would be attracted to strays (strays, the trailer says she loves adopting stray cats).

Because she is a vagabond, she cares for vagabonds/things because she wants to belong to her own.”

And Anika is also a tramp, so Selina loves her.

Zoë Kravitz Reveals: 'Catwoman Is Bisexual' in 'The Batman'

Reeves said the bond between the pair was similar to Selina and her lost mum.

“So I don’t think our intention was to go directly that way (there was love between Selina and Anike), but you can of course understand that. She has an intimate relationship with that character, deeply caring for her, more than sexually. The relationship is even worse, but they do have to have a very close relationship.”

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