“Fast and Furious 9”:famous scenes of drag racing

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Many people love this series for a simple and rude reason: the big scene is bursting and cool enough, and you can only feel the shock when you go to the theater.

“Fast and Furious 9” is back directed by “Four Dynasties” director Lin Yibin. From the trailer, it can be seen that he once again played a new trick on the big scene!

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Whether it is Van Diesel’s thrilling “swing”, flying over the cliff without a bridge.

Or the high-tech electromagnetic car hurried on the streets, the supercar was sucked through the wall.

It was the “Fast and Furious” family who strayed into the minefield, and countless vehicles were blown up instantly.

There is also the most anticipated rocket speed vehicle fully opened and hanged, the new drama of “racing in space”.

For the “Fast and Furious” series of movies, the dazzling “Luxury Car Feast” has always been a repertoire.

In “Fast and Furious 9”, this element will continue to be carried forward.

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Off-road vehicles, motorcycles, military trucks, high-end supercars, and heavy armored vehicles and giant “rocket vehicles” are on the stage.

I still remember the famous action scenes of the “Fast and Furious” series in those years, from racing tanks, parachuting cars, flying buildings, bombing submarines… from racing racing to dazzling skills drifting, from melee on the streets to destroying cities, from crossing tunnels to the air War.

It can be said that only you can’t think of it, it can’t be done without “speed and passion”.

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