Why was “Blade” abandoned by Marvel?

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“Blade”, a supernatural superhero who is also a vampire but makes a career of beheading vampires.

Extremely violent anti-hero, but also super handsome and cool.

Why was "Blade" abandoned by Marvel?

At that time, the manga movies were still very exciting, without heavy entertainment or commercialization, they were all very pure and pure superhero movies.

Strangely, this super-powerful vampire hunter has gradually stepped out of everyone’s field of vision. Not only the movie has no sequels, but even the comics have quietly withdrawn from the market. Just like Namor and Fantastic Four, this once one of the most popular superheroes also Done.

Why was "Blade" abandoned by Marvel?

The world is really difficult, and this superhero has also faded out of memory, from the first line to the eighteenth line.

The first reason is that the “Blade” movie has a dark tone. As a black hero, he acts at night every day. Facing all kinds of vampires, it still has the atmosphere of a horror movie!

Why was "Blade" abandoned by Marvel?

The overall style of the Marvel movie is more sunny, which is a bit inconsistent with the main color!

The second reason is that in “Blade”, the main villain is the vampire, and Blade’s body is also more suitable for fighting with vampires.

Why was "Blade" abandoned by Marvel?

This is a problem: as far as the Marvel Universe is concerned, there are no vampires, and Blade is basically useless in it!

This is the poster of the “Blade” series. According to the Hollywood style, if a film sells well, there will be sequels one after another. There were three “Blade” films that year, which were released in 1998, 2002 and 2004.

In 1998, Blade debuted on the big screen, earning $130 million in theaters around the world. The success of the film revived superhero movies, and “Blade” was later hailed as Hollywood’s most successful superhero movie. .

Why was "Blade" abandoned by Marvel?

The data from 20 years ago is still good enough.

In today’s terms, Vampire and Blade were a big IP back then. So why isn’t there a sequel?

Why was "Blade" abandoned by Marvel?

Hollywood actor Wesley Snipes, who is said to have starred in the “Blade” franchise, has been jailed for three years for evading huge taxes.

Reason 3. “Blade” is not so much a superhero movie as a horror movie. There are various terrifying villains mixed with bloody scenes. If it appears in the Marvel Universe, it will cause a huge impact, and it will definitely become a scene. disaster!

Why was "Blade" abandoned by Marvel?

Personally, even if there is a movie, it will be a movie that is completely independent of the Marvel Universe. The world view is still different, and a vampire world needs to be recreated!

Sixteen years ago, in the maternity ward of the hospital, as a pregnant woman cried out in agony, she gave birth to the half-vampire Blade on her deathbed.

Why was "Blade" abandoned by Marvel?

Later, Blade was taught by the vampire hunter Whist and became a great vampire.

Blade used his life-long skills to roam in vampire-infested areas, protecting humans from vampires.

Why was "Blade" abandoned by Marvel?

Blade is extremely ruthless, killing vampires is really emotionless, and it has a violent aesthetic of “Kill Bill”.

Originally produced by Marvel and later adapted into a film, it is also known as the most successful superhero movie.

Why was "Blade" abandoned by Marvel?

From the point of view of film history, “Blade” used to be very glorious, but now it has been reduced to the point of being buried.

Today’s Marvel fans seem to be more interested in fist-to-flesh combat and sci-fi superheroes like Iron Man.

Why was "Blade" abandoned by Marvel?

The vampire theme is already a thing of the past, and I don’t like such superheroes that are somewhat mysterious.

Think about the fact that many of Marvel’s old-fashioned bigwigs have gradually fallen. The first superhero in Marvel history, Namor, has no news, and was once more popular than X-Men and the Avengers’ Fantastic Four when the new universe restarted. immediately cancelled.

Why was "Blade" abandoned by Marvel?

And then there’s poor Blade, no one’s talking about it anymore, like Deadpool said to Wolverine in “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe” “You’re not resurrected again and again because of your super healing powers, but It’s because of your super popularity.”

Indeed, for the characters of Marvel, popularity is everything, and the outdated guys only have cool shares.

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