Chris Pine won’t be returning for “Wonder Woman 3‎”

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There had been speculation that the character of Wonder Woman’s boyfriend Steve Trevor would return in the upcoming third “Wonder Woman” movie, but actor Chris Pine recently confirmed that Steve Trevor would not be returning in “Wonder Woman 3‎” and Insist that the character is really dead.

Pine first played Captain Steve Trevor in 2017’s “Wonder Woman,” a film set during the First World War.

An American Expeditionary Force pilot, Steve, lands on the mysterious island of Temisquila, where he meets Wonder Woman Diana, played by Gal Gadot.

Steve and Diana quickly join forces to foil the evil plans of German generals Erich Ludendorff and Dr. Isabel Maru and fall in love. Their mission was ultimately successful — but at the cost of Steve’s life.

Although Steve died in “Wonder Woman,” he returned in the 2020 sequel, “Wonder Woman 1984.”

Chris Pine won't be returning for "Wonder Woman 3‎"

In the film, decades after the Allied pilot’s death, Diana uses the magical “Dream Stone” to inadvertently transfer Steve’s soul into the body of a handsome stranger.

The couple’s reunion was short-lived, and Steve convinced Diana and left her in order to regain her lost superpowers.

This scene seems to mark the character’s complete retirement from the series, something Pine’s comments underscore.

Even without the “Wonder Woman” trilogy, Pine currently has plenty of other upcoming movies.

The actor is starring in the 2023 adaptation of “Dungeons & Dragons” and is also in talks to play Captain James Kirk in “Star Trek 4.”

Paramount announced the sci-fi sequel in February 2022, apparently without prior consultation with Pine and his “Star Trek” partners, but the studio has set December 22, 2023 for “Star Trek 4” premiere day.

In January 2022, Gadot confirmed that the script for “Wonder Woman 3‎” had not been completed, and hinted that filming could begin in mid-2023, with no release date announced yet.

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