“Venom 2” is about to be released, can it continue its glory?

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In the second half of this year, many blockbusters will be released one after another, such as “007: No Time to Die”, “The Suicide Squad” and “Spider-Man: No Way Home”.

“Black Widow”, which was released on July 9th, also attracted the attention of a large number of Marvel fans.

For many Marvel fans, apart from Spider-Man in the second half of this year, the most anticipated is naturally the “Venom 2” that will be released globally on September 16.

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The timeline of Venom 2 is one and a half years after the previous game.

After Eddie and Venom defeated Dr. Drake, in the end of the credits three chapters about the law, formulated the house rules, and started a “sweet life”.

"Venom 2" is about to be released, can it continue its glory?

At this time, waiting for Eddie and Venom was another controversy caused by the same clan.

Cletus Kasady, the serial murderer played by Woody Harrelson, gained the power of “venom” in prison by chance and became the villain “Carnage”.

Carnage and “Shriek” played by Naomie Harris form a “villian couple”. After they escape from prison, they become Eddie and Venom’s worst enemies.

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The story of “Venom 2” will also revolve around Eddie and Venom and the “villian couple”.

“Venom 2” was filmed soon after the fire of the previous “Venom”.

The previous work “Venom” can be described as a great success. The game only invested 100 million US dollars, but it won the global box office of 856 million US dollars.

Among them, China’s box office is as high as 1.87 billion yuan, setting the highest box office record for domestic Marvel singles in 2019.

"Venom 2" is about to be released, can it continue its glory?

The film’s opening in North America earned US$80.26 million, setting a record in October film history, breaking the box office record of “Gravity” for a five-year monopoly.

South Korea received 16.4 million U.S. dollars for five days, and the number of viewers on the first day ranked seventh in film history.

Russia received 13.6 million US dollars in 4 days, ranking fourth in film history.

The United Kingdom received $10.5 million in the first five days of the week, ranking second in the film history at the box office.

Mexico got 10.2 million dollars in the start, setting a new box office record in October.

Australia’s box office in the first week was US$6.8 million, the best box office record for a single-player Super British movie.

Germany received 5.7 million US dollars in the first week, which was the best box office for a non-sequel movie in 2018.

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Italy got $4.4 million in the start, setting the best box office record for a single Super-British movie in 2018.

Venom’s anti-hero super-English attributes give the film the biggest feature. The interaction between Eddie and Venom has also become the biggest attraction of “Venom 2”!

Now “Venom 2” has all kinds of publicity such as trailers, posters and new stills, and Columbia Film and Television is creating momentum for the release of “Venom 2”.

Compared with the previous game, it is clear that the cost of “Venom 2” is higher this time, so can “Venom 2” recreate the glory of the previous game?

I believe that with the precipitation of the previous work, plus the starring of the luxurious lineup, and the blessing of the famous director, “Venom 2” should be able to achieve better results.

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