“Venom 2” movie guide: Talking about how ordinary people stick to justice

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What “Venom” tells is actually a very routine story, which can be summed up as a counterattack by a dick.

All movies and novels, character creation, undoubtedly have to tell the growth and transformation of the characters, and “Venom” is about how a loser turns over.

The protagonist Eddie is an investigative journalist who insists on the professional ethics of a journalist and pursues justice and truth wholeheartedly, thus ignoring the unspoken rules of the world.

Although Eddie has been unemployed many times because of this, it still remains the same. The boss advised him not to try to dig out the ugly truth.

But when interviewing the villain’s big boss, Eddie wanted to make a surprise attack and asked some very sensitive topics, but he was fired directly by the boss.

His girlfriend advised Eddie not to be true, do what the boss asked him to do, and never lose his job again.

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Because they are about to get married, they all need to have a stable work and life.

However, Eddie took advantage of his girlfriend’s sleep and used her position to check news clues, causing his girlfriend to lose his job.

"Venom 2" Movie Guide: On How Ordinary People Stick to Justice

His girlfriend couldn’t bear it and broke up with Eddie.

Due to his perseverance in the pursuit of justice, Eddie lost everything he originally owned, his car, house, decent job, and beautiful fiancee.

He became a complete loser, living in a dirty house, and going to the convenience store to buy something to eat every day.

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Then dig out the newspaper from the trash and check various job postings.

He, who insisted on justice in his heart, was also shaken by this experience. As a result, after witnessing someone being robbed in a convenience store, he hid silently and became a silent spectator.

Yes, he has changed. The cruelty of reality has changed him from a principled person to an indifferent bystander.

This psychological transformation, in the real world, many people should have experienced it too!

"Venom 2" Movie Guide: On How Ordinary People Stick to Justice

It often takes many years to stick to a belief. The collapse of the belief sometimes only takes one second.

If you find that the cost of insisting on yourself is too high, then you will wonder what you are insisting on.

In the repeated blows, Eddie began to abandon his persistence, accept the established social evaluation standards, and feel that he is “a loser”.

Maybe he also suspected that he was once a fool, so obsessed with justice.

So even if someone tells him later, the villain has been doing things that endanger all mankind.

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He was indifferent at first, until he learned that his fiancée had a new boyfriend and that the relationship was irreversible, so he decided to find the truth.

When people have a lot of things, they are always afraid of losing them, and the persistence in their hearts becomes a luxury.

When there is nothing to lose, the perseverance in the heart becomes the only important thing.

So, why did Alien Venom choose Eddie as its host?

"Venom 2" Movie Guide: On How Ordinary People Stick to Justice

Is it because it is the loser on its own planet and Eddie is also a loser?

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I prefer to believe that the host that Venom is looking for is not just a body that matches itself, but a soul that matches it.

Eddie actually possessed the physique of a hero from the beginning. In this world where only interests are allowed, he is a hero by adhering to justice.

However, in our social evaluation system, he is just a loser.

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Venom chose him, perhaps because of his heroic nature.

“Venom” is a film full of positive energy. It is that people who insist on justice become heroes who save the world under the blessing of “venom” of alien life forms.

Although he has lost love because of his insistence on justice.

But when he became stronger and became a superhero, he was again appreciated by his ex-girlfriend, and the relationship between the two became ambiguous again.

Behind this, there is actually a very bitter and very scary logic.

"Venom 2" Movie Guide: On How Ordinary People Stick to Justice

That is, when a person is weak, your justice may be worthless or even unable to protect your love.

But as long as you become strong enough, your inner justice will be realized, and you will even take on the burden of changing the world and even saving it.

Just like when Eddie was fragile, he could only hide when he encountered someone else’s robbery.

And when he became stronger, he was able to bravely step forward to subdue the gangster when he encountered a robbery.

So, what does this story tell us?

This shows that justice for the weak is meaningless. Only by adhering to their inner order, standing on the side of justice, and then becoming strong, can they become a hero who saves the world.

Therefore, when we are fragile, we must first learn to protect ourselves, strive to make ourselves strong, and then be a person who protects others!

Be strong!

Otherwise, because of failure in life, not only will you not get the love you want, but even your inner justice will appear worthless.

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